How To Break Up By Text was born when host Allison Goldberg and her then-collaborator Jen Jamula realized that people were breaking up by text and that it was really f#cked up but also kinda funny. The first iteration of the show was performed at a festival they created with the NYC Mayor's Office of Tech & Innovation called No Text Weekend. People around the world pledged to talk instead of text for one weekend, and no one died! There were also comedy, storytelling, and other weird artsy events all over NYC that weekend so that people could focus their withdrawal symptoms elsewhere.

Allison Goldberg

Photo cred: The incomparable Lindsay May Cook.

Since then, Jen's moved on to other wonderful endeavors (don't worry, they still talk an inappropriate amount), and Alli's reformatted the show to feature a panel of comedians, all there to break down your texts and guess WTF happened and why - yet with the ultimate intention of hopefully inspiring us to behave a little better in this new magical/terrible world.

Alli is an actor, producer, writer, and comedian whose work has been covered by Good Morning America, Time Out in both NY and LA, WIRED, Forbes, Thrillist, and more. She's performed at The Comedy Store, UCB, The PIT, The COW (now Caveat), iO, and others. For more about her and her projects, please visit She is repped by Gersh.

Nicole is an Executive Producer for How to Breakup by Text. She comes from a production and studio background with nine years of experience. She recently moved from NYC to LA, where she and Alli reunited forces. Her previous series work includes “Brain Games” (Nat Geo), “Beat Bobby Flay” (Food Network), “Broke Ass Gameshow” (MTV), “America Divided” (EPIX), “The Great Holiday Baking Show” (ABC) and “Hardcore Pawn” (truTV) ..not porn, pawn. Along with an extensive list of SVOD and feature films. Nicole is currently a Production Finance Exec at Amazon Studios (when she’s not late night texting Alli to brainstorm).  

Nicole Lengyel


Craig Low
Alex Kruger

Olivia Harewood is a comedian, host, and writer for The Late, Late Show. She majored in Cultural Anthropology, which is just spying on people and gossiping about them in an academic setting.

Craig "Lowie" Low is an award winning Australian comedian, actor, writer & host. Having grown up on a Kangaroo reserve in rural Australia, who would've thought this skinny jean wearing wanker would go on to write jokes and star on networks such as BET, MTV, E!, TBS, Nickelodeon and a bunch of others that don't sound as cool.

Alex was a boy scout. And then he was a gay boy scout. And then he was a gay boy scout funeral director. And now he's a gay boy scout funeral
director standup who performs at the Comedy Store and the Improv. During the day he works at Wisecrack, which started developing YouTube vids and now develops comedic TV. He'd actually love for you to send him your comedy pilots (said no one ever). Yes, this is solely an ad for him to find more comedy writers.