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Allison Goldberg

Photo cred: The incomparable Lindsay May Cook.

This project began as a live show where Alli and a guest comedian would perform & analyze your break up text screenshots on the spot - and you'd get a free shot in exchange. Submitters described the show as a wild blend of comedy and catharsis.


Later, Alli reformatted the show to feature a panel of comedians, all there to break down your texts and guess WTF happened and why - yet with the ultimate intention of hopefully inspiring us to behave a little better in this new magical/terrible world.

Next, How To Break Up By Text is going to be an audio show (produced by SB Projects and OBB Sound), where celebrities will perform your screenshot and then a panel breaks down your break up. The panel includes the celebs and a wild card hot seat: One week it might be a therapist, the next it might be a professional dom.

Alli is an actor, producer, writer, and comedian whose work has been covered by Good Morning America, Time Out in both NY and LA, WIRED, Forbes, Thrillist, and more. She's performed at The Comedy Store, UCB, The PIT, The COW (now Caveat), iO, and many others.


For more about her and her projects, please visit She is repped by Gersh.


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